CO2 Rail Car E Dragster

Welcome to the cudacountry SOLIDWORKS 2012 and Mastercam X6 CO2 Rail Car E Tutorials.
E is for EASY! We use SOLIDWORKS 2012 to design our cars and Mastercam X6 to create CNC toolpaths to cut the car body. The following tutorials with the PDF icon are available for download. Download the free reader from Adobe.
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The 2012 CO2 Rail Car E Tutorials include Mate References on the cylindrical parts. The new concentric and center plane Mate References makes the often challenging Assembly a "snap".


Table of Contents

Part 1. Blank. Now includes cylindrical and center plane Mate References. This tutorial is the same as Shell car blank.

2. Body.

Part 3. Front Wheel. Includes cylindrical Mate Reference.
Part 4. Rear Wheel. Includes cylindrical Mate Reference.
Part 5. Axles. Includes cylindrical and center plane Mate References.
Part 6. Washer. Includes cylindrical Mate Reference.
Part 7. E-Clip. Includes cylindrical Mate Reference.
Assembly 8. Assembly. Now all cylindrical parts "snap in" using Mate References.
Drawing 9. Drawing. 11” by 17” paper.
Part 10. Eye Screw with Mates.
Part 11. Cartridge with Mates.
12. Flames Decal for Body. Click here to try our flames file with alpha layer.
13. Create rendering using PhotoView 360.


14. Analyze in Wind Tunnel. Analyze assembly design using Flow Simulation. Before we tested pressure of the flow, how try Z Component Velocity which analyzes the air velocity - interesting results.
15. SW12 to MCX6. Move body file from SolidWorks 2012 to Mastercam X6. This tutorial rotates solid into the correct Mastercam XY planes and creates a wireframe centered around the solid.


16. Body toolpaths. Units are all metric. New MCX6 HST toolpaths to cut rail car body from balsa blank: 1) Cut body left side using finish Scallop toolpath. 3 Mirror left cut to right side cut.
Here are 2016 and 2011 tutorials.