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Mastercam X7 and X9 Tutorials

Welcome to cudacountry's Mastercam X7 and X9 Tutorials. The following tutorials with the PDF icon are available for download. Download the free reader from Adobe.

Mastercam 2017 tutorials.

More toolpath tutorials in our SOLIDWORKS projects: Airplane, CO2 Car, Boat, F1 Car, Penny Hockey and Skyhook pages.

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Table of Contents


1. Truck. Simplified- use grid to measure.
CAD 2. Speed Boat. Simplified- use grid to measure.
CAD 3. Glider. Simplified- use grid to measure.
CAD 4. Electric Circuit. Simplified- use grid to measure.
CAD 5. Motor Mount Pattern. Use as a pattern for sheet metal motor mounts in Sumo cars and Motor boats.
CAD 6. Sheet metal Patterns. Sheet metal patterns for Motor boats -L Bracket, Wedge and Switch.
CAD 7. 5 Point Star. Easy, fun and fast. Great for beginner. Use to practice trimming.
CAD 8. 12 Point Star. Another good one for beginners.
CAD 9. Step Block. Introduction to 3d extruding and surfacing.
Solids 10. Channel Block. More 3d with holes.
CAD 11. Wire Frame Model. Introduction to 3D with rotating sketch line.
CAD 12. Torus. 3d rotate surface.

13. Motor Mount Solid. Draw side view geometry and extrude.

Solids 14. Propeller. Air prop for airplanes and mag-lev vehicle.
CNC 15. Box Letters. Simple letters and hole in 3 by 1.5 stock for key chain.
CNC 16. Letter Toolpaths. Toolpaths for contour of letters and contour hole.
17. Cudacountry text and cuda geometry merged to make key chain. Click here for cuda.dxf file.
CNC   18. Use Chapter 16 Letter Toolpaths.
CNC 19. Cudacountry Radial. Project text onto a curved surface in 5.7 by 1.8 stock. Use Along to draw arc for curved surface.
CNC 20. Cudacountry Radial Toolpaths. High Speed toolpaths, Core Roughing, Radial and Contour for text.
CAD 21. Airplane. 2d design for foam plane. Use KelvinĀ“s power pole to fly.
CAD 22. P-51 Mustang 2D.

23. Airplane Solid. Design for foam plane. Complete with airfoil from foam food tray, landing gear and propeller.


24. Power Train for Boat.
CAD 25. Motor Boat.
CAD 26. Catamaran.
CAD 27. Hydroplane.
CNC 28. Block for Boat.
Solids 29. Boat Hull Solid. Create geometry and loft surfaces, then surfaces to solid. Draw Chapter 28 Block for Boat first.

30. Boat Parts Solid. Add all the parts to your solid hull chapter.

CNC 31. Boat V Bottom surfaces. Start with Block for Boat chapter.
CNC 32. Boat Round Bottom surfaces. Start with Block for Boat chapter.
CNC 33. Boat Toolpath Rough OptiCore and Finish Waterline.
CAD 34. Sumo Car 2d.
CAD 35. E-Car. One motor and 9 volt battery.
36. Mastercam Belt Buckle. Drawn as a solid. Five toolpaths, Dynamic Area Mill, 2D Rest Mill, Contour and Circle Mill to cut holes for holding fixture and to mount clips to attach buckle to belt. Create WCS for bottom cut holes. Click here for mastercam-graphic.dxf file.
37. Fixture Jewelry Box.
38. Base Jewelry Box.
39. Lid Jewelry Box.


40. Tray Jewelry Box.
More toolpath tutorials in the SOLIDWORKS projects: Jewelry Box, Airplane, CO2 Car, Boat, F1 Car, Penny Hockey and Skyhook pages.