Welcome to cudacountry's SOLIDWORKS 2013 Speedway Tutorials. We use SOLIDWORKS to create our Car and Track. Then create Motion Study using; Solve as Flexible, Motor, Contacts, Friction, Gravity, suppress Mates and Calculate. Adding a Linear Velocity Results and Plots we can determine the velocity of the car.

Now with Event-based Motion Study sensor used to time your car. Your challenge is to design the fastest car!

The following tutorials with the PDF icon are available for download. Download the free reader from Adobe. Any questions contact us at


Table of Contents

Part 1. Body for Car. Includes Tow and Trail points.
2. Decals. Click here for decal files. Files include alpha layer.

3. Axle.

Part 4. Wheel. Same wheel as Simple Machines except color.
Assembly 5. Car Assembly.
Part 6. Track.
Assembly 7. Speedway Assembly.
8. Motion Study.
9. Sensor Timer. Use event-based motion study sensor to trigger task and records time of Car around one lap of speedway. Increase motor RPMs and adjust the friction to increase car's speed. What is your fastest time?
Here are 2018 tutorials.

After car completes one lap at around 2.3 seconds, brakes are applied without slowing motor and car slides. Motor is set to 0 RPMs to apply "brakes".

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